Emily Fowke              Paintings and Drawings

I live in Cambridge and really appreciate the beautiful old scenery in the centre of town - the lovely reds and  creams of the old brick and stone and all the changing views of the interesting old buildings. 

I love the old streets - which are so nice to walk around and the range of people who walk through them - students, townspeople, tourists too.

I found these paintings quite a challenge to paint with so many quirks and strange tricks of perspective, but I've learned quite a bit from the process! They are painted in oil on board with cards available.

I've also painted some of the green places I really like in town and around.

Trinity Street Cambridge

The Mathematical Bridge, Queen's College, Cambridge

The Bridge of Sighs, Cambridge

Kings College Cambridge

The Round Church Cambridge

Hidden aconites and snowdrops, Wandlebury, Cambridge

Ballet dancing trees with snowdrops and aconites

Path across Coe Fen, Cambridge

May tree, Coe Fen Cambridge

Trees and sky colouring the river Coe Fen Cambridge