Emily Fowke              Paintings and Drawings

I've been focussing on painting Cambridge where I live - working small and with detail, in oil and enjoying the rich colours of stone and brick. 

Here, too are some of my other cards - which are landscape paintings I thought suited to printing as greetings cards. 

On sale around Cambridge and some originals for sale - please enquire for prices.

St Johns College Windows

King's College in Frost, Cambridge Backs

Magdalene College, Cambridge with punters

Cambridge Market

Clare Bridge

Trinity Street Cambridge

The Mathematical Bridge, Queen's College, Cambridge

The Bridge of Sighs, Cambridge

Kings College Cambridge

The Round Church Cambridge

Green Wood, Summer

Dunwich heath

Small tree, Wicken Fen, Summer time

Mountain goats, Pyrenees

White Cattle Pyrenees

French Garden roses

Rose, geraniums, honeysuckle, lavender and love-in-a-mist medley