Emily Fowke              Paintings and Drawings

Paintings made in response to the beautiful and varying landscapes and atmospheres of Skye and the coast, hills and woods of Somerset and Dorset in 2018/2019.

Skye Croft with gulls, oyster catchers and flying heron

Oyster Catchers on Breakish Beach, Isle of Skye

Night Visitors, Grey Herons on the Isle of Skye, Sold

Shore and Mist, Skye, Abstract

Passage, Isle of Skye

Tidal Beach Crossing, Skye, sold

Children on Breakish Beach, Isle of Skye

Exploring the Tidal Beach, Isle of Skye

Salt Marsh, Somerset

Marsh and Heather, sold

A walk in the Summer Woods, Somerset

Hill Walk in Heather, Sold

Bright Cove, Dorset, Sold