Emily Fowke Oil Paintings 

About my Work:

My work is inspired by the natural and agricultural landscape. I work in oils with an interest in realistic detail combined with a lyrical response to atmosphere, texture and colour harmonies.

I am mainly self taught and have been developing my art work from my early twenties alongside other work. I find landscape painting a really great way to connect with the inspiration of the natural world, so it is always a source of excitement and delight. 

Current Projects:

Over the next months I'm looking forward to painting landscapes of Cambridgeshire meres and wetlands in frost, having spent time enjoying some incredibly pure views of frosty brilliant light - with bursts of sunlight through sedge grass and bare branches and flocks of birds forming patterns and calling across very wild feeling vistas.

In all this work I'm going to be further exploring use of layering and glazes and I am thinking about areas of stillness and areas of texture and how to create a sense of smooth surface at the same time as conveying multiplicity of colours and details in parts. I am hoping to convey atmosphere as well as topographical detail and I am focussing on capturing winter light.

I am also going to explore small paintings of interesting areas of light and texture in close up. I use a large number of my photographs as well as time outdoors looking for my work and I often find I have a number of very interesting details and I am keen to find out whether these could be painted like small landscapes in themselves or whether they would just end up like visual studies: whether they can communicate atmosphere or not - maybe they could and would be more like abstractions in a way? Or maybe not - I'm going to give this a try.

I'm also going to work on a portrait of one of my family members as part of a new series of portraits also using  glazing to create intensity and softness.

Member of the Cambridge Drawing Society which has two annual exhibitions: Spring and Autumn in Cambridge

Cambridge University: English Literature BA
The City Lit, London: Foundation Art
The London School of Printing: Post Grad Diploma in Publishing
Heatherleys Art College: Portraiture Course
Cheltenham College of Art: BA Drawing Module
Stroud College: Life Drawing
Open College of Arts: Certificate in Drawing and Painting